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Sustainable Operations, Service Operations, Servitization.



Game Theory, Applied Econometrics, Empirically Grounded Analytics, System Dynamics, Qualitative Meta-Analysis, Grounded Theory

Manuscripts Under Review & Working Papers

Xichen Sun, Tharanga Rajapakshe, Rogelio Oliva, “Servicizing and Remanufacturing in the Circular Economy: Economic and Environmental Implications.”

- Under Major Revision at Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (after three rounds of review)

- Game Theory
- Presented at POMS 2021, INFORMS 2021, Early-Career Sustainable Operations Workshop 2022, INFORMS 2022, POMS 2023

- Invited presentation at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Doctoral Seminar (October 2022)

Xichen Sun, Rogelio Oliva, “Servitization Failure Modes: A Process Theory.”

- Under Major Revision at Journal of Operations Management

- Qualitative Meta-Analysis
- Presented at POMS 2022, Spring Servitization Conference 2022, CSCMP 2022, DSI 2022

- Invited presentation at National Chengchi University (May 2023)

Xichen Sun, Xingzhi Jia, Rogelio Oliva, “The Effectiveness of Science-Based Carbon Targets.”

- In preparation for submission to Journal of Operations Management

- Econometrics (Difference-in-Differences)

Work in Progres

Xichen Sun, Rogelio Oliva, “Dynamic Interactions Among Capabilities in Servitization.” (Model construction)

Xichen Sun, Jordana George, “Understanding Micro-Entrepreneurs’ Operations Strategies: the Case of WeChat Business.” (First round data collection and data analysis completed)

Xichen Sun, Alireza Jaribion, Jan Holmström, Henk Akkermans, ``Search Space for Efficient Electric Vehicle System." (Model construction)

Weifang Zhang, Manlu Chen, Xingzhi Jia, Xichen Sun, ``An Empirical Examination of Operating Room Efficiency." (First round data collection and data analysis completed)

Book Chapters

Abbey, J.D., V.D.R. Guide, Jr., and Sun, X. Closed-Loop Supply Chains: A Strategic Overview. Sustainable Supply Chains. eds. Y. Bouchery, T. Tan, J. Fransoo, C. Corbett, Springer Publications (2nd edition)

Honors and Grants

Mays Innovation Research Center Grant (2021)

Mays Department Fellowship (2018 - 2022)

Mays Ph.D. Enhancement Fellowship (2018 - 2022)

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