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SCMT 364 Operations Management

  • Undergraduate Core Business Knowledge Course

  • Spring 2021 (In-person with hybrid options; Class Size: 20; Instructor: 4.38/5; Course: 4.44/5)

  • Spring 2022 (In-person with hybrid options; Class Size: 20; Instructor: 4.59/5; Course: 4.41/5)

Student Evaluation Comments

"This course was the determining factor for me to change my major to Supply Chain Management. I knew that I would enjoy the structure of Supply Chain and would learn a lot more because I find it interesting." "Amazing Instructor - I learned so much with less than normal interest in the matter and still understand the topic so thoroughly." "Any questions I had, Xichen could answer them and help me understand the missing part of my thought process." "Professor Sun helped me tremendously in the course to succeed." "He was very professional and helpful to his students. Did everything in his power to help them succeed." "Xichen included relative current events and how they impacted the global and local supply chains, so these examples have made me more aware of what's happening in this industry." "Professor Sun was a top notch educator and helped me succeed in the class in the areas I wanted to." "He was very nice and encouraged students to participate." "This was a really fun class!" "This final simulation that myself and my team went through was, in my opinion, the most fun final I think I will ever experience in college."

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  • CIRTL Associate Fellow, Academy for Future Faculty, Texas A&M University

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